My little boy

I have this gorgeous little boy. He lights up my life every moment of every day.

But he also darkens it.

How can that be? How can one thing be both good and bad? How can something that makes me want to tear my hair out, or cry in the corner, or run away, also make my heart melt?

This little boy, who struggles so much harder than the rest of us, yet still looks at everything with rose-coloured glasses. This little boy, who when the entire world doesn’t make sense to him, can be calmed with just a toy truck – because that’s something thatย always makes sense. This little boy who doesn’t like to be touched, but will give hugs and kisses with a smile because he like to see those around him happy. This little boy, who barely sleeps and is never tired, but never holds a grudge. This little boy who has so much energy all the bloody time, and can’t sit still, but loves to share that with everyone around him. This little boy who can’t communicate as well as he needs, but loves to be around people and have conversations.

This little boy, who is mine, and I wouldn’t change for all the world.


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